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4year old pushing and occasionally pinching at school

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Inspi10 Wed 18-Oct-17 16:35:28

My 4 year old boy has started school this year and today was sent into another class for pushing three children. He was pushy when he was 2 but grew out of it. I have on the few occasions it has happened given him time out when he’s got home and removed he’s favourite toys aswell as having in depth conversations with him about it( he has very good verbal communication and has no issues explaining things). Rather than tell him off today and come down as hard as I usually do I’ve asked him why he felt so upset to push other children.
He told me it’s because the children he pushed said he couldn’t play and that he wasn’t as good as what they are. I explained that it’s ok to be sad but he mustn’t push or hurt. He then said I know mummy and then admitted to pinching a girl in his class too for the same reason.
He has a sticker chart and I always spend time talking to him about his behaviour and how it affects other children and he also has punishments and says he is very sorry.
We have quite a few children in my family cousins etc and he plays lovely with them he gives them cuddles and helps them and if they misbehave even tells them it’s not ok and will come to me. He understands what is ok and knows what he should do in situations which upset him if you ask him.
Please any advice would be great, I’m really hoping to nip this in the bud so he didn’t become the ‘labeelled child’ with no friends 🙁

Inspi10 Wed 18-Oct-17 16:38:01

Doesn’t* labelled*

user1477229112 Wed 18-Oct-17 18:14:14

I cant really offer at advice but can sympathise my 4 nearly
Five year old has started school and is begun biting in the last two weeks. i am
Hoping it's a phase but it's not a very nice one !

Inspi10 Wed 18-Oct-17 18:33:41

Thankyou atleast were not on our own X

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