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Everything suddenly 'too hard'

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ppw1 Tue 17-Oct-17 15:09:07

My 5 yo daughter has suddenly decided that things are suddenly too hard.
Other day she suddenly didnt want to do dance to the point of ripping her dance clothes off and really getting upset screaming "its too difficult" and "i am tired"
Yesterday she didnt want to go to her swimming lesson again claiming its too hard and the screaming and "im not going" was like nothing i have experienced before, again claiming to be tired. We all 4 of us go swimming at least once a week which we all enjoy.
I dont want to push her to do things that she really does not want to do but don't know how to proceed, i am talking to her school later to see if this has started to happen at school but any input would be appreciated.
My wife, who is dyslexic has had an almost all our daughters life obsession that she might also be dyslexic as she does seem to struggle to read sometimes.

underneaththeash Tue 17-Oct-17 15:34:59

I reckon she's just knackered. School is tiring, even my older two are exhausted. I'd give the after-school activities a rest this week (unless she asks to go) and have a restful half term.

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