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14 month old eats very little, what does yours eat?

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coffeecoffeemorecoffee Tue 17-Oct-17 07:22:06

DD is 14 months and hardly eats. Yesterday for example she ate a few mouth fulls of yoghurt, a couple of quavers and 2 spoons of dinner. I offer her lots of different foods but she just won't eat. After the first mouthful she just tries to smack the food and on the off chance I get any in her mouth she spits it out. She's on cows milk so obviously I'm worried she's not getting what she needs in terms of a varied diet. Going to make an appointment with the health visitor to see what she suggests but I wondered what the average 14 month old eats?!

skankingpiglet Tue 17-Oct-17 22:23:39

That does seem very little. How much milk does she drink? Have you tried cutting down the milk a bit to see if she is tempted to eat more? My friend had a baby who just loved his milk and given a choice would always have chosen milk over food.
Other than that, do you eat together? Good for modelling how to eat/that the food isn't poisonous, but also really good for stopping you from stressing as much over what they're eating (as you're concentrating on your own meal) and turning it into a battle of wills.

There is such a variation in different toddler's intake though. I have the opposite issue to you in that 15mo DD2 now has 50ml of milk a day at best but eats tonnes (it's costing us a fortune). DD1 was similar at the same age, but with more milk and even bigger portions of food despite being built like a whippet. She had me so worried I also visited the HV about her (she was eating very similar sized portions to me!). The HV recommended just looking at her: did she seem healthy and in proportion, how active is she (both of mine never stop), is the food she's eating healthy. I've been a lot more chilled this time and just feed them to appetite.

Witchend Tue 17-Oct-17 22:37:48

Dd1 ate everything in quantity. At 6 months she would eat for lunch approximately an amount the size of a large baby jar followed by half a small one for pudding. Then have milk on top of that.

Dd2 was the opposite. She might have one bite of sandwich if you were lucky and maybe half a baby yoghurt on a good day. If she'd gone a few days with eating less I'd give her some tinned sweetcorn which was the only thing she ate consistently well. At about 20 months I remember being thrilled because she ate half a small jar for dinner.

I'm somewhat bemused to tell you that now they are teens, dd1 eats almost nothing and dd2 eats anything in quantity. 4 slices of toast before dinner isn't uncommon. She's still as slim as they come, but she discovered food at about 8yo (about the age dd1 decided she didn't like food) and since then has eaten properly.

MessyBun247 Wed 18-Oct-17 14:55:31

Is she drinking a lot of the cows milk? If she's drinking too much, maybe it is stopping her feeling hungry. Try giving her just enough cows milk, then water, might help her appetite?

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