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bluees Sun 15-Oct-17 08:22:55

I donot know what to do. My 6 year’s daughter is very slow in everything. She doesn’t have competitive nature at all. I can understand but she is so slow i. Doing everything except watching tv n playing. Her whole focus is in play and pretend friends. Sometimes she trues to talk like baby, puppy, kitten. I asked her why do u do this. She replies I want to be cute. I tell her that you are cute , beautiful and I love you most.
I try to give her whatever is appropriate and affordable. But she doesnot seem to be understanding. She takes ages to just circle even and odd ( even though she is good in that) but takes ages. I gets so frustrated. Now I am at swimming centre and can see her struggling ( she can do backwards with float) but she always chose not to). I am crying inside. Donot know what to do and how to help her

Goldmandra Sun 15-Oct-17 14:46:31

To help her, you first need to know whether she needs help.

If she is just laid-back and not competitive she doesn't need help. She just needs to be accepted for who she is.

If she can do things but is slow to do them, this could be because she has the knowledge and skills but her processing is slower or it could just be that she doesn't feel motivated to demonstrate that she can do them.

Why does what you see make you cry inside. Do you think she is struggling to do what other children the same age can do?

bluees Sun 15-Oct-17 20:46:24

Thanks for reply. But yes I do feel that she is struggling. I know she has potential but she just chose not to do. I cannot understand how to motivate her to move forward hmm

stepbystepdoula Mon 16-Oct-17 09:25:04

I think they all develop at different rates, some children are not competitive in any way and take their time with everything.
As mums we are bombarded with what our children should do at various She's, subliminally we come to expect this. Children will normally ask for help when they need it. Good luck

Goldmandra Mon 16-Oct-17 14:52:52

I don't think children just chose not to make progress.

Sometimes they resist pressure from adults to do things they can do and sometimes there is a barrier to their learning and progressing that the adults aren't aware of.

Does her teacher have any concerns about her progress?

bluees Mon 16-Oct-17 16:41:33

I am having parent’s meeting on Wednesday so will find out.

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