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6 year old bed wetting more frequently and increasing tantrums, any ideas?

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KeepItAsItIs Sat 14-Oct-17 16:25:51

DD is 6, 7 the beginning of next year. She is wetting the bed more frequently and it's becoming a pain. Night before last it was twice in one night despite going to the toilet before bed and getting up to go later but after about 20 minutes after getting up, she wet the bed. I should have known as we had a late tea due to being out and she drank a fruit shoot at nearly 7pm (her normal bedtime). We usually stop drinks by 6pm and try to make her to to the toilet before bed. Sometimes she goes, other times it's a battle with her insisting she doesn't need to but if we put her on the toilet she ends up going.

She seems to be kicking off a lot lately, huge strops over nothing, nothing gets through when she is like it. I leave her to it if I can but when it's before school, I have to deal with it and getting her to get ready when she is in a strop is a right pain. DH does the opposite and is constantly on at her and I have to tell him to leave her to it and let her calm down in her own time. It's not always before school. She likes school and is happy to go. It's often before bed. She's more likely to kick off with DH than me although she is doing it more frequently with me as well. She never tantrummed a huge amount as a toddler. When she did they would go on for a good hour but I'd leave her to it as I found trying to be her out be it just makes her worse, it's like talking to her just prolongs it. But they were infrequent and usually linked to tiredness.

But she is nearly 7, surely trantrumming shouldn't be getting worse now? I've asked her about school and she likes it, loves her teachers, works well and is pretty clever and enjoys work. She mentioned one girl made a comment about her umbrella being babyish which has stuck but nothing else going on with being picked on or anything like that.

I'm at a loss tbh. But I feel like maybe there is a reason. Or maybe I'm totally wrong. Does anyone have any experience of this and it was just some sort of phase?

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