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What's your 4 year olds typical morning on a weekend?

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RedBlackberries Sat 14-Oct-17 08:10:26

I'm asking because I go between thinking I'm being a bit too relaxed about her being up before me or being too hands on and she sometimes seems incaperble of playing without me once I'm up.

Here's a typical weekend morning:
If she isn't already in my bed she'll come in about 6 and cuddle for about 5 minutes.

Then she'll get up and I'll say go and play with your trains or dolls house (one up in her bedroom one downstairs in front room) because I know she plays alone well with these toys. Maybe 30mins later she come back and I give her my phone to play in her room. I'm up before 7 and she has a chocolate milk in front of the telly. I usually make a tea and wash up (I'm a slob and was up dinner stuff the next morning) at this point. She has an odd attachment with me that means she won't leave me alone for long so she jumps up and helps me was up and do breakfast. When we're eating I mess about on my phone (mumsnet fb etc).

Then she want me to do non stop play after that and get properly involved so sitting on the floor with toys in hand or imaginary play like shopping.

When I have my shower she has to come in with me so no peace!

More of the same till I wake dh up and we'll all sit outside for a bit and she'll play on her bike round the garden till I try and slip off and have a nap (1st trimester pregnant so knackered) about 10ish.

Sorry if that's really boring but I'd love to hear what other people's mornings look like smile

RedBlackberries Sat 14-Oct-17 09:01:22


fivefour3twoone Sat 14-Oct-17 17:02:16

We have really lazy mornings (days!) here which I feel lots of people would judge but we're happy and healthy so I try and tell myself it doesn't matter.

RedBlackberries Sat 21-Oct-17 08:12:01

Bump again. She was happy playing alone till 7:30 and I was fast asleep. Can't decide if I'm bloody lucky or if it's dangerous blush

dream75 Sat 21-Oct-17 19:39:41

You are lucky. My DD is up at 6 and expects everyone up and full attention. Very rarely plays on her own and if she does then she is constantly asking you to look at what she is doing. Completely exhausting and has quite a negative impact on the family. You DD seems happy to play while you are still in bed and as long has she is safe I wouldn't worry.

RedBlackberries Sat 21-Oct-17 20:00:33

Mine was exactly the same till the end of the summer holidays. Some mornings she still is!

purpleme12 Sat 21-Oct-17 21:02:28

My 4 year old won't play by herself at all. I have to play with her all the time. And I have to say I've been finding it very exhausting and tiring recently

bramblina Thu 26-Oct-17 09:09:42

As someone said people will judge and so if you are happy and healthy it doesn't matter. But you have asked, so.....Why do you give her your phone? Why encourage that sort of dependancy? I'm sure she has a room full of wonderful toys? You said she can play well alone. Or juse sing and talk with her in bed for half an hour before getting up. Ask her to bring 4 books in to bed, you read her one then she can look at the next one alone. You read her the 3rd story and she looks at the 4th alone? Then get up. Why does she have to have chocolate milk before anything else to eat? You put sugar in her body, she'll want to use that energy up and that's probably what's exhausting you. Now more tv? She's just played with your phone for half an hour!! Then you sit at the table for breakfast with her- but you ignore her and would rather see what's happening on mn and fb?? Why are these things more important to you than your daughter? How do you think she feels when you are doing this? I'm not surprised she tries to get your attention a lot of the time because it sounds like she doesn't get much of it. And when the baby comes along it will get your attention obvs so you might want to consider how she'll feel then.
Maybe just put down your phone, turn off the tv and suggest she chose 2 games. Tell her you'll play these 2 games then she can play with dolls house etc while you have your shower, or say let's do a puzzle then you can do a jigsaw while I wash up. Or she could dry the cutlery etc. Stop pushing her away and she'll stop following you around desperately looking for your attention. Give her some and she won't have to continually searching for it.
Yes perhaps judgy but you did ask. It infuriates me when people would rather check their fb page than chat with their kids. Such a narcissistic way to be sad

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