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Dd (6) has very ott reactions to health issues

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BetterEatCheese Wed 11-Oct-17 20:43:50

I really don't know how to handle it! She has always been like this so nothing new but it's really hard.

She cries and and screams when she has a cut, bruise, won't let me look, won't have a plaster or cream, can't blow her nose as it scares her, gets really stressed if she has a cold etc.

She never really gets ill, so it's all very minor stuff, but I have just spent 30 minutes wrestling with her to try and file her veruca and bazuka it. She is terrified that she has it but is equally terrified of me treating it. I had to hold her foot hard in the end to keep it still and I feel crap as I was rough and frustrated. Feel awful.

My earliest memory of this behaviour is refusal to take calpol etc - haven't even got through one bottle since birth ( not really a bad thing but sometimes she needed it for a temperature or antibiotics and she just spat it out) and when she bumped herself she would not let me check her knee etc. She would scream and scream - this was from approximately 2 years old.

She was quite anxious when younger and is on the quiet side until she gets to know someone, and I had serious concerns about her tantrums and anxiety when younger, which have mostly gone, but tonight's tantrum over bazuka had shown it's all just under the surface.

Has anyone had experience of this?

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