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21 month old behaviour

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Daffodils07 Mon 09-Oct-17 12:39:04

My youngest is 21 months, she was a high needs baby and tbh still is.
She doesn't like people apart from close family (me her dad and siblings).
She doesn't sleep, wakes up every hour throughout the night.
Doesn't talk, just clicks her tounge at things.
She copies her 3 year old brother constantly, from where he is standing, if he moves his plate an inch she will do the same, touches what he does etc.
I understand some copy is normal that is how we learn, but like I said this is constant and everywhere we go even outside she has to follow the same pattern of walking,touching things and on and on.
I try and have independent time on their own.
Is this normal? What can I do other then spending time with just her to help her become an individual?

HappyGirl86 Mon 09-Oct-17 22:16:17

Hi! Have you asked your health visitor what they think? My daughter is 20 months old and she does speak quite well but a lot of her peers of the same age aren’t speaking as much.
My daughter loves to copy and she’ll copy us or other people on tv, or at classes we go to. I think the copying is quite normal at this age.

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