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2 yr old ds has broken his front tooth

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LJH79 Sun 08-Oct-17 13:38:31

My DS fell over on his face yesterday and as well as a fat lip and properly cracked his tooth. He was seen by dentist yesterday and they have referred him to paediatric dentist as they have said will need half the tooth removed under general anaesthetic as its fractured. It looks awful and he can't eat with it currently. Have heard the wait is huge to get this sorted but he can't even drink his milk and eating is tricky. Anyone had any experience of this and how long they waited. So upset for him having to have the tooth out and be like that for the next 5 yrs. Is there anyway of saving the tooth or repairing it? Would pay privately but can't find any specialist that do this because he needs a general. Any help appreciated!!

Mustbeinsane1984 Mon 23-Oct-17 09:34:37

Oh bless there is nothing worse. Our son has damaged the nerves in his front two teeth so he looks like he has tooth decay. I would try see the normal dentist and if they don't agree to it see a private one. I know a child that has a cap on the front from doing the same thing.

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