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Dd 9 reluctant to tidy...

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zozozoo Sat 07-Oct-17 15:42:29

She says I'm mean for asking, that other mums don't make their children tidy, that her dad is so much nicer, that I should be the one doing it all, that her life should be fun etc. It's a daily struggle. She's had all the explanations and gentle reminders and less gentle ones but is completely opposed to it. When she ever does anything I will have had to ask and spell it out several times then when done there will be the big announcement of her having finished (usually it's not actually finished).
All I ask is that she tidy up after herself, act in a way that doesn't make a mess eg eat nicely at the dinner table and at least once or twice do something else during the week like empty the dishwasher or fold a few clothes.
I work full time and with that and being single and taking DD and sibling to classes most evenings I need the co-operation.
Any tips/stories/advice please?

malificent7 Sun 08-Oct-17 11:27:59

I feel your pain.. dd 9 is just the same. Of course your not mean for insisting she helps... many kids from different cultures wouldn't blink an eyelid at helping out.
However... I gave yet to find a way to get my dd to tidy without using bribes!

zozozoo Sun 08-Oct-17 12:49:13

Thanks smile Ah good old bribes

stepbystepdoula Wed 11-Oct-17 09:37:17

Of course you need some help, Reno d yourself that these are skills for life and you are encouraging self sufficiency.
I use a tick chart, it's on the fridge, so visible and pocket money is dependant in chores done. Not so much a bribe, but incentive. I have also found my daughter more receptive to having a bigger task. Good luck

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