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Weaning and bottles

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Jojo1st Sat 07-Oct-17 13:26:13

After some advice on dropping bottles when weaning.
My LO is 6 months. He’s been on solids since 4.5 months due to really bad silent reflux and cmpa. He’s on 3 meals a day breakfast is porridge or toast followed by 4oz bottle. Dinner is 2oz meal meat, carb and veg, tub of pear and bottle 4oz, 3pm bottle 5 oz, 5pm 2oz carb and veg, tub of pear. Before bed 8oz bottle. No night feed.

He is sick a lot and it seems to be he’s sick what he doesn’t need. Ive reduces his bottles as he’s eating more. But now he’s well established on food, I was wondering if I could merge his 11 and 3 bottle. So he’s having 3 bottles a day having 18oz a day in 3 bottles.

The idea of early weaning was to reduce his bottles so his symptoms would reduce. What’s people’s thoughts/experiences.

Jojo1st Sun 08-Oct-17 10:13:30

Has anyone got any advice please? smile

MeatAndPotato Tue 10-Oct-17 22:04:25

My DS also has CMPA. He also has Soy, lactose intolerance and suspected bovine protein allergy.

He also has GORD.

Pears make my DS reflux a million times worse, so maybe remove them from his diet and try to stick to alkaline foods/fruits and root vegetables. This may help.

I wouldnt reduce his bottles or try to merge them, still encourage his intake of whatever formula he is on (my DS is on Neocate).

While we have been doing BLW (he is 6 months) we tend to just plonk food infront of him and allow him to play or whatever withh it for a while before he decides to try some. Maybe take the pressure off abit?

Good luck OP. Keep your eye out for other allergies/intolerances.

Also, how do you make his toast if he has CMPA?

Well wishes smileflowers

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