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speech delay

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Concernedmommie Fri 06-Oct-17 22:22:20

Hi there mommies. I'm a first time mom so I dunno whether I'm being paranoid or I should be concerned. My LO will turn one year old in a week's time. So he is almost 12 months old. He doesn't say any words, only babbles and that he's been doing since the past few months. He used to say mumum, when ever he was upset, whether he wanted food or whether he was sleepy. He doesn't say that any more. Physically he is progressing very well, he is in 90th percentile growth wise. He i a very happy baby otherwise, makes eye contact, likes to play peekaboo and plays with blocks and shapes. Another thing which worries me is that there is no stranger anxiety, he loves people and that is good thing but I feel if any stranger comes up to him and takes him he will gladly go. He does cry when I leave the room, so he has separation anxiety but no stranger anxiety. I think he has started to understand the word 'no'. He responds to me when I call his name and when I say NO I can see he pauses for a second with a hesitant look. He doesn't yet understand bye bye and is not clapping or waving yet. Please mommies from your experience let me know is my child developing normally or should I press with my GP to refer my baby to a pediatrician? Help please..

Pollaidh Fri 06-Oct-17 22:39:32

Speak to your health visitor first, they're the experts at this age. They usually do an assessment at some point in this year, but if you're concerned call them first and they'll do an assessment (which mainly consists of chatting to you and the child whilst watching them play). I can't remember what point they're supposed to reach at your DS age, but books like "What to expect" usually give a list of targets for speech.

If the HV thinks there is a delay you might be referred to a speech therapist for a phone discussion first (NHS cuts). We had that as DS had delay due to respiratory issues and chronic illness. They sent me some useful leaflets and info, and spent about 30 mins on the phone advising me what to do. I went off and applied the advice for 3 months or so, by the end of which he'd actually caught up so no further help needed.

One of the big things they suggested was, for a set period of time (20 mins or something) every few days to sit with him, let him lead the play, but you narrate everything he's doing, like a hyperactive sports commentator:

"Oh look, Edward's picking up the block. He's turning the orange block. Now he's making a tower. One two three. Oh dear edward's tower fell down. Oh, now Edward's trying to cook. He's taken the saucepan. He's stirring the tomatoes. Oops a daisy, Edward dropped it. Now he's picking it up..." You get the picture. It will drive you mad but apparently it's a very effective intervention.

Concernedmommie Sun 08-Oct-17 02:37:24

thank u so much, that was a very helpful reply. I will take this up with my gp. Thanks.

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