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ADHD - Karate v.s. Gymnastics

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prayfordirection Fri 06-Oct-17 12:33:39

DS is 5 and very restless most of the time. I'm diagnosed for ADHD myself and see DS might have it too. But too early to get a diagnosis and any structured support for him.

He also has poor coordination and balancing skills. Often he's too scared in sports (bike, scooter, walking on raised narrow surface and etc.) And very poor listening skill when he's active.

I want to sign up some more structured classes to help him. Right now, I'm hesitant between gymnastics and karate. DH thinks karate will be good for all purposes and also has the benefit for him to learn defense skills. But I'm leaning towards gymnastics and think DS would not be able to deal with the rigidness and constrained movements for karate at his age (he has a strong need to wriggle all the time).

Just want to see if anyone who has similar situation could give some insights...

Thank you!

MrsOverTheRoad Fri 06-Oct-17 13:20:22

It might actually be counter productive OP...both gymnastics and martial arts require quite a lot of self control and concentration.

Gymnastics in particular is quite ridgid...correct movements for each excersise are important and there's also a lot of feedback after each "turn".

I would look for freer activities if I were you...simpler things which have no pressure. Join him up to Beavers or Woodcraft Folk

Both of these organisations are inclusive and children thrive in a supportive, team environment and benefit from a very wide variety of activities.

Also, help him daily by going out for walks in different environments, balancing, climbing, skipping, scooting and bike riding or scooter.

Kleinzeit Fri 06-Oct-17 17:08:42

Join him up to Beavers or Woodcraft Folk

On the other hand the calm strict structure of a karate class can be very good for some children with attention and physical issues. Sometimes activities like beavers etc can be too free-form and have too many distractions. It's hard to say.

Probably worth taking a "try and see" approach. My first move would be to discuss your DS's needs with the teachers for both classes, see if they have experience of this or whether they feel he would manage. They might offer a trial session or two.

Ewanwhosearmy Fri 06-Oct-17 17:52:22

My 10 yo DD has ADHD, and she does both karate and gymnastics grin

Karate is supposed to help these children, but it really depends on the child. DD started at 5 (in a family class with me and DH) but really didn't like it. She lasted for about a year then had 2 years out. She's doing it again but I can see she finds it really difficult. There is a lot of remembering involved and coordination, and it really helps if you can tell your left from your right.

At gymnastics she stands out like a sore thumb when the other kids are doing cartwheels etc, but seems to enjoy it anyway.

What she did really enjoy was horse riding. If you can sign up for a Riding for the Disabled course (usually a very long wait) they are a lot cheaper than normal lessons.

scrabble1 Fri 06-Oct-17 21:08:54

Taekwondo is excellent. DS loves it and it has helped him so much to focus

prayfordirection Sun 08-Oct-17 22:17:22

MrsOverTheRoad, hi, I've been keeping an eye on Scout, but he can't start until he's 6. Same age requirement with Wood Craft (I've never heard this one before, but looks very friendly and I love woods smile ).

Kleinzeit, thanks. Agree with you. I think to give everything a try and find something workable with him might be the most down-to-earth approach.

Ewanwhosearmy, thank you for sharing. That's my fear too - If DS finds both of them too difficult to him - He resists activities "proving he's not good at xyz". We do think he needs to understand Practice makes perfect, but it's very difficult to convince him keep trying.

scrabble1, that's encouraging to know! I happened to find a Taekwondo venue not far away. But they only start from 6. So still a year to go. Might be a good thing, as he probably needs a little more maturity to take on things like Taekwondo.

Plus I signed him up for the waiting list for a local boys' brigade. Likely to get a space from Jan. And booked a trial session with a gymnastics club this coming week. Fingers crossed...

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