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Reception ds behaviour in class

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Twinkie84 Fri 06-Oct-17 11:42:01

My ds4 has just started reception this year. I thought he was doing ok but I was pulled aside this morning to be told that his behaviour hasn't been very good this week; pushing in line, not listening, running in classroom etc.
The teacher is addressing this in class but was wondering if there is anything I can do at home? He is generally a good child, very loving but can have a tendency to not listening at times. I'm hoping that it is a combination of a new environment and his age! My elder ds has never shown this behaviour so it's quite new to be honest! Just want to try to nip it in the bud quickly if possible! Any suggestions?

Goldmandra Sat 07-Oct-17 17:44:13

Generally, children of this age respond to the adults around them in the moment so what you say at home isn't going to have a great effect on how he behaves in school. You can remind him that there are rules at school and it is important that he obeys them and listens to the adults but there's not a lot more.

If his behaviour is a problem in school, the school staff need to observe him to see if there are particular activities, places, times of the day, peers around him that cause the behaviour to happen more often. This should give them an idea of what needs to change to help him.

It might help to get him talking about school to see if there's anything he is finding difficult but, to be honest, at four years old, he may well not be able to express anything useful.

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