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DS3 suddenly scared of his bed

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MummaDeeDee Thu 05-Oct-17 19:39:09

My DS3 has suddenly decided he's scared of his bed. It's a football bed and he's had it for a few months, he's always loved it. Last few night we've had tears at bed time and he's literally screaming that he wants to sleep with us, not in his bed. A couple of times he's mentioned bugs so we did the whole checking the bed in front of him with the lights on thing. We've also slept next to him, stroked him till he nods off, lights on, lights off. He falls asleep and then through the night he'll wake up screaming again. Hubby and I both work so although we probably shouldn't we give in and let him sleep with us so we get a few hours sleep at least. I'm exhausted and so is my poor bubba. Any advice on how to deal with this?

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