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What to do with a kid who gets stuck on homework aaaallllll the time.

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Fanwah Wed 04-Oct-17 19:54:51

Bright kid. Year 9.
Happens with nearly all homeworks, simple or otherwise. Gets himself in a pickle staring at it and hating it and spend so long wishing it would disappear that he strings it out for hours when he could be chilling out relaxing. He's so hard to help and his father and I have tried every angle we can think of to help him get past his block and JFDI .
He gets between 1&3 roughly half hour tasks a night.
It's there such a thing as therapy for this sorry of thing?? He just needs a tiny adjustment to his mindset I reckon; to stop fighting it and just get something down ! He wants perfection and he knows it's not necessary in theory but then still gets all locked up.
Thanks for any words of wisdom.

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Fanwah Wed 04-Oct-17 20:20:54

I just want to help him stop stressing so hard !

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TeenTimesTwo Thu 05-Oct-17 12:50:49

I would
a) get him to talk through with you before he starts what is required and how he is going to do it
b) if needed, sit with him while he does it.
but that might be easier said than done.

This is what I do with my under confident not very able y8.

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