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Can't cope with 9 month old any more!

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Veggysaurus Wed 04-Oct-17 19:25:30

My 9 month old DS is driving me mad! He's my first so I've never known what to expect or had anything to compare him to but I'm starting to worry that his behaviour is not normal and there might be something wrong with him! He cries CONSTANTLY. As in he wakes up and within 5 minutes he'll be crying. He cries when we are out in the pushchair, in the car, in cafes, supermarkets, by the lake and at home! Also, everything is a battle. He fights having his bottle by violently thrashing around in my arms and angrily screaming (dread to think what the neighbours think). This is every feed that he'll do this so I dread even having to feed him. Solid foods are hit and miss. Most of the time he'll spit the food out so it goes all over me and surrounding objects or if the food isn't puree smooth he gags and throws it all up. Nap times.... oh God. He violently fights those too. Pretty much the same scenario as the feeds. I thought that when he'd sit up and start crawling that he'd get better but he hasn't. I can't even change his nappy without him going mad and smacking his legs down on the floor or trying to roll over and get away while screaming (he kicked me in the face last nappy change and split my lip) ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING seems like a battle with him. I am so worn out from it all and drained that I feel pretty much depressed all the time. I dread getting up in the mornings because I find each day with him such a struggle. Is this normal for a 9 month old? Will it get better? Any tips?

bumblebee77 Wed 04-Oct-17 19:58:42

That sounds really tough poor you, flowers
I'm no expert but have you had him checked over by your GP? All the upset and anger sounds like he could be in pain somehow? Have you checked for reflux, food allergies etc? What's his sleep like once he finally gets to sleep? I've also heard people have good success with cranial osteopaths, could you try these?

Veggysaurus Wed 04-Oct-17 20:07:18

He was diagnosed with reflux at 2 weeks old, and CMPA at 5 months.. that was a big contributing factor to the difficulties but around 6/7 months his symptoms seemed to improve and there was about a month where everything was so much better and he was calmer and more enjoyable but then all the angry screaming and almost mini temper tantrums began.. When he gets to sleep at night he's usually very good, will sleep through 6.30/7pm to 6am most nights without waking. Some nights he does wake in the middle of the night in inconsolable tears but that is rare.

Hairq Fri 06-Oct-17 07:10:46

Mine was like this (this is why he's an only child wink) so I feel your pain. I really identify with everything you e said. The constant crying was just miserable. He was only happy if I carried him about constantly (and not in the sling - the little git hated that too and cried within minutes of being put in it). He didn't sleep, fought naps, screamed in the pushchair, screamed in the car, screamed if I took him
To a baby group - you get the picture. However, when he was calm he had an amazing sense of humour and used to laugh like no baby I've ever heard before.

It slowly improved over times (reeeeeeally sloooooowly) and luckily he was ahead re: development so by the time he was 18 months old and had been walking for ages and could say simple 2 or 3 word sentences, he was like a different child. I think it was the speech that made the difference. Everyone told me he'd improve when he could walk because he was frustrated, it he started walking around 9/10 months and was just as much of a nightmare. But when speech kicked in he could let me know what he was thinking and that made him happy. He went from being a really difficult baby to being the easiest toddler and child ever and it's been plain sailing with him ever since. Hang in there. Awful baby doesn't mean difficult toddler or child - just wait until all the perfect babies at your post at group turn 2 and become little tyrants.

Anon120055509 Mon 09-Oct-17 22:59:34

No help just another mummy in need!
My 6 month old at the minute is the same so I kind of feel your pain 😭😭 Nothing seems to please him. He constantly cries I’m hoping it’s teething atm 😓 & he has never been a lover of naps he will only every sleep 40 mins at a time and that’s after an almost 2 hour fight to get to sleep. I wish you luck 💙

rico9 Wed 11-Oct-17 13:50:29

Does he make eye contact? Or seem aware when you speak to him?
I'm not doctor but I do have a degree in child dev and sometimes behaviour problems are a link to autism. Again could be something completely different which is why I ask if he makes eye contact etc

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