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Retained Reflexes - help London based.

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pinkbats Wed 04-Oct-17 09:20:07

Hi All,

Sorry to post another one of these but I'm slightly tearing my hair out. My DS - super young for year 3 (Ed Psych) mild dyslexia, ants in pants but nothing too bad needs some help. The biggest issue is his handwriting. I think retained reflexes but I've been investigating London options and out of town. He is a happy kid, no problem with most motor skills - I think hand on heart its fine tuning rather than massive issues. Handwriting of course could really impact on his confidence and its just a struggle for him.

I know there have been others who have gone down this path (IndigoBell - not sure if you're still on here). I could really do with some advice re options that will help him.
The Sound Learning Centre sound good but seem to be geared towards much more extreme cases as I really just want the reflexes tested. I'm just not sure it's worth paying for the full hearing / visual analysis and then not getting retained reflexes analysed (& then having to pay again).
I've been to the other notable in the field in London but I think they just do brushing. Heard about Bob in Windsor and wondering whether he would be worth the trek!
Anyone who has any thoughts please do let me know. Thanks so much in advance.

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