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GoBigOrange Tue 03-Oct-17 06:06:36

I found this article interesting, and it gives more information on soundsystem's suggestion.

soundsystem Mon 02-Oct-17 21:05:26

Some advice I got on this that worked really well:

When you're talking about colours, but the object first. So instead of saying "look, a red bus!", say "look at that bus, it's red!". I think the logic is that if they don't know colours then saying "look at that red..." they don't know what they're looking at. But they know what a bus is, so then they start to grasp colours.

I probably didn't explain that will, will try and find a link

Lovelise Sat 30-Sep-17 17:39:31

Hi, no words of wisdom as such but my 3.5 year old is struggling with colours too.

She knows blue, orange, black but really struggles with the others, especially yellow.

I think I'm putting a lot of pressure on her so I'm taking a step back and using colours in general conversation such as 'look at that yellow digger' rather than 'what colour is that digger?'

I'm sure it'll work itself out in the end, like most things.

Supergran58 Fri 29-Sep-17 19:38:48

Colour blind?

TotallyWingingIt Fri 29-Sep-17 17:20:56

Just wondering if any of you lovely people could give me some advice. My nearly 4 year old is really struggling to learn colours. We haven’t been able to nail even one colour. We are working with pre school and just concentrating on 2 colours but he’s just not getting it. All other areas are fine. Any words of wisdom are gratefully received

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