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My ds age 6 going to loo a lot at school

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allymcbeal1 Thu 28-Sep-17 09:24:31

Had a casual chat with my sons teacher this morning to ask how he was getting on and teacher said he goes to loo a lot during lessons. He said he thinks this is work avoidance. He said others are doing this too. Teacher said he doesn't know him enough yet to determine whether this was normal for him or not. He doesn't have a problem with needing the loo frequently at home. Has anyone had any experience with this? Do they grow out of it? Is it a tactic to avoid lessons? I will ask him tonight why he goes so often but any advice appreciated.

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Witchend Thu 28-Sep-17 15:59:04

Dd1 did the same at the same age, but the teacher identified it as nervousness. It was every time the teacher said they were going to do any difference. The teacher said it was quite common and the best thing to do was ignore it. It took some time but she did grow out of it.

allymcbeal1 Thu 28-Sep-17 18:29:43

Thanks. Glad I am not alone. I spoke to him and he said he just needed to go because they drink a lot of water! Will ignore it and not make it into a big issue. Teacher said today he asked to go and teacher said just finish your writing and then DD didn't want loo any more.

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