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6months & weaning!!!!! 😓

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LittleMrsSophieB Wed 27-Sep-17 10:38:02

Looking for any advice really what I can try to get my little girl to eat something for breakfast... my daughter is nearly 7months now and she's just a little dot when I last got her weighed at 5 month she was 11lb 4oz but I'm not worried because she's on her graph at the doctors and she's happy and healthy (Just small)
But now the time has come where I'm supposed to be getting her to try and have her meals but she point blank refuses to eat baby porridge/rice and jars of baby food, She will only eat for her tea cheesey mash potato... I'm hoping some One will be able to give me an idea what to try her for her breakfast please she seems to like strong flavours

Thiswayorthatway Wed 27-Sep-17 12:23:37

Weetabix with fresh fruit squished in, or bits of any fresh fruit to pick at really. Ditto natural yoghurt with fruit. Toast with marmite, peanut butter (if no family history of allergies). Jars/pouches can be very bland so try making your own.

LittleMrsSophieB Wed 27-Sep-17 14:25:30

Never thought about weetabix thank you i will give that ago with some fruit

tappitytaptap Wed 27-Sep-17 16:50:39

You could also try maybe making some little pancakes, soft and easy to grasp? Don't worry, mine didn't really start eating til about 8 months and then in no great quantities til he was 10 months. Eats fine (when he's not having a picky day!) now at 18 months.

LittleMrsSophieB Wed 27-Sep-17 20:05:47

Ahhh thanks for your help I just worry she's not eating as much as others xx

tappitytaptap Wed 27-Sep-17 21:49:58

Mine didn't either OP but now he eats lots 😁. They change so quickly.

Twinnie2k Sun 01-Oct-17 16:19:22

I hadn't problem feeding my baby anything but baby porridge... I tried from 6months for a month and she wouldn't eat anything else so I tried baby led weaning, just basically put some sliced banana, toast, peas, beans, baby biscotti etc down and she just attacked it... I've done this for a month now and she now trusts me to feed her with a spoon if I want her to try other stuff... she is picky about things that aren't sweet though... I recommend putting food down in front of her and letting her give it a go, even her own cheesy mash to get messy with

Afternooncatnap Mon 02-Oct-17 11:03:09

What about Yogurt with fruit puree. Or maybe toast.

You could also try using cheesey mash as a base to introduce new foods. My son also loves mash so I stated adding different vegetables then meats and fish.

Desperad0 Mon 02-Oct-17 12:34:07

Have you tried the pouches?

I know it sounds weird but DS will not eat anything off a spoon, but eats loads with his hands and then we do the odd yogurt/fruit pouch straight from the pouch which he loves.

If we squeeze the pouch onto a spoon he won't touch it awkward like his dad

InDubiousBattle Mon 02-Oct-17 13:53:29

Crumpets, peanut butter on toast, pancakes, boiled eggs with soldiers, scrambled eggs on toast, toasted tea cakes with butter, shredded all make good breakfasts.

ItchyKondera Wed 04-Oct-17 13:49:04

my DD would refuse to eat anything off a spoon, no porridge, baby rice, puree. Then she just grabbed some of her brothers tea and stuffed it in her face pretty much
So we went down the baby led weaning approach and she loved it! Maybe try some finger foods and let her work it out herself? There's loads of baby led weaning pages around for ideas smile
Just don't stress, just let her go at her own pace and I am sure she will be fine

Babydreaming Sun 08-Oct-17 10:43:22

Yes my baby has severe oral aversion and won’t be spoon fed. He’s also tiny (2nd - 9th centile). The worst thing you can do is become stressed around mealtimes or try and force them to eat. It’s really hard but we just did baby led weaning and now at 10 months he’s only just starting to feed himself small amounts. He still won’t touch breakfast though.

Don’t compare to other babies - just celebrate any little progress and keep an eye on his weight. As long as he’s not dropping centiles then just try and not stress as much as you can!

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