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Car accident - now baby jumpy by sudden noises

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Turno1 Sun 24-Sep-17 21:44:45

2 weeks ago an idiot man drove straight into me whilst I had my 8 week old at the time) in the car. It was the worst thing I had ever experienced, getting to my baby quickly to make sure he was ok as he pushed me straight into a ditch. Doctors checked him out and kept telling me that he was ok as was in car seat, but I still worried of any affects. after the accident he was very clingy which I thought he would be but when he is asleep if there are any sudden noises his mouth goes sad and he starts sad crying and wakes up, it's quite heart breaking. We manage to soothe him back. He never did this before, and as much as the doctors checked him physically, no one said anything about it may have distressed him for a while!!!! I am really angry at the man for his stupidity ( he was charged with driving without due care and attention) but I won't rant now. I am worried with bonfire night approaching and the loud bangs of fireworks and how this can go on for weeks and late at night and hope that my LO will be fine. Does anyone have any advice if the firework noises bother him?

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ashleexex Fri 29-Sep-17 07:14:24

How is your LO with lullaby’s or white noise?
My neighbours are annoyingly known for their continuous partying every Friday / Saturday nights which go on to very early hours. They can be very loud with their music and laughing and just general partying which used to wake my LO up constantly, so I bought a mobile or just used my phone to play lullaby’s / white noise to drown them out / take his mind off the noise. The mobile has a projector so sometimes if he is awake the lights and music and colours distract him.
I know it’s not constant banging like fireworks but hopefully it might help your LO too, goodluck 💙

Witchend Fri 29-Sep-17 09:54:01

All three of mine did the sudden noise waking and crying in the way you describe. And I don't think they did it from birth, more when they were getting more aware, which, I think would have been about 6-8weeks.
So don't worry, it may just be a normal thing.

NewDaddie Fri 29-Sep-17 12:35:40

bear for your little one and wine for you.

I can only imagine how distressing it was sad and was the accident insured? Please look into compensation and any medical support including psychiatric for you both.

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