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Struggling and I don't know why?!

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Jumbleguy447 Wed 20-Sep-17 20:52:10

I really feel like I need some support or someone to bang my head against a brick wall and tell me that I'm been silly and everything is and will be fine.....

My baby is a month old tomorrow..... it's been a very good month and I love her more than I could ever imagine but I'm struggling with thinking something is wrong or going to go wrong.

She had a reaction to some milk she was on by other than that she's been fine since she was born, at first I worried irrationally about SIDS and would lay awake at night worrying about if it happened to her and how I would
Cope without her.
This last week it's been temperature! I always feel her head when I pick her up and it feels fine, but this isn't enough for me to relax, I get the thermometer out. It's always been between 36.3 and 36.7 tonight it's 36.9 and I'm convinced something is wrong with her even though that's a 'normal' temperature.....
She was upset for a while before I took it as she was waiting for her feed to
Cool down but she's feeding well wetting nappies and relatively settled (she's colicy so we often start with been unsettled at this time
Of night)
I know I sound crazy and when I mention it to anyone in my family they laugh at me and that makes me feel stupid...... I just can't help but worry about her and I'm not sure why I'm been so irrational..... xx

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user1495739076 Wed 20-Sep-17 20:57:08

Have you spoken to your gp or health visitor
It sounds like you have post partum anxiety which is common don't worry your not stupid or irrational xx

Kausi Wed 27-Sep-17 22:48:41

Hello, I didn't want to read and run as they say. The first weeks of having a baby are very intense and you're make huge adjustment in your life looking after a brand new baby. I remember feeling very anxious too and constantly trying to pre-empt anything that could possible go wrong with my child. Most of the time it's normal and it's natures way for us to make sure we care enough to keep our babies alive. However, it does sound like you're a lot more anxious than would be usual, especially if it's keeping you awake at night. You're definitely not being stupid, the fears you have feel real to you and seam to be affecting your daily life. Definitely speak to your HV about it, but from experience it does get better as every day passes.

InDubiousBattle Fri 29-Sep-17 15:22:35

I was unbelievably anxious in the first 4-5 weeks after ds was born. Completely (And I mean completely) trifled of SIDS to the extent that for the first 11-12 days of ds's life either do or myself was awake and holding him all of the time. We didn't simultaneously sleep untik he was almost a fortnight old! I had totally irrational thoughts about ways he could come to harm. I thinkit's normal to feel a degree of this as your baby takes over your world but I was really quite extreme. Thing really calmed down when we got feeding sorted out and, strangely enough when dp went back to work. Now my dc are toddler and I think I am perhaps more anxious than some about them but we'll into 'normal' range I think.

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