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Is my ds too young to start shaving?

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elevenclips Mon 04-Sep-17 20:34:08

Ds is only 11. His hair is really dark so this makes it quite visible against his face. He only has 2 little patches which are each side of the moustache area (they don't join in the middle). The hairs aren't coarse, they are fine but it's the darkness of them that is bothering him. He says he doesn't want people to see them so he plans on taking to people from a distance!! I am unsure whether he should shave them off and if so what with. He is definitely going through puberty, has some spots (which are also bothering him looks wise) but his voice hasn't broken or anything. My husband can't remember when or what prompted him to start shaving! Thanks!

elevenclips Tue 05-Sep-17 12:02:31


pemberleypearl Tue 17-Oct-17 23:24:53

Just asked my brother for you - he said your son is fine to start shaving if he's bothered by the dark hair. He advises to make sure he has a men's razor and to always check where he wants to shave while his facial hair is dry (it looks fuller when wet) then obviously shave when wet and with shaving foam.

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