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nits... argh...

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Dabbles Mon 02-Apr-07 21:12:52

1 lice
6 nits

Dabbles Mon 02-Apr-07 21:14:07

someone give me a run down... do i need to boil wash bed clothes etc..?

princesscc Mon 02-Apr-07 21:14:19

Do you need advice or are you just squirmming?

FrannyandZooey Mon 02-Apr-07 21:14:48

wet hair


comb comb comb with nit comb

repeat every 3 days for at least 2 weeks or until no new lice are found

well done

(should not be too bad if that is all you found tonight, but check all family's heads )

FrannyandZooey Mon 02-Apr-07 21:15:57

Don't worry too much about bedding etc

if they leave the head they are old / ill anyway and not likely to reproduce

just comb and comb every 3 days

all will be well

(Nitty Gritty is a good comb)

princesscc Mon 02-Apr-07 21:16:26

x -posts! You don't need to boil wash, but it might be a good idea to washing bedding. Also check everyones heads, including yours! The easiest way of doing it is to put a piece of white paper on the floor and brush your hair over it, the little suckers will be easier to see like that.

friendlyedjit Mon 02-Apr-07 21:16:47

comb every 2-3 days and you could try hederin.. that seems to work brilliantly

princesscc Mon 02-Apr-07 21:17:50

I use tea tree conditioner and keep combing with the nit comb for a few days.

Dabbles Mon 02-Apr-07 21:29:47

Have texted all of dd's close friends, still no reply! argh... must have got em from nursery...

Dd is nearly 5 so she sat still for an hour very well!

Have a nitty gritty - they are fab, caught the one lice, and it chopped it in half! who knew the little F***rs could bleed so much - argh puke (excuse language are freaking out my hair is sooo long it almost touches my bum!)

Am worried about dd 2 (almost 2) have masses of curly hair and she screams when i try to brush it, how the hell am i gonna get her to sit still for long enough to do something about them????

lucykate Mon 02-Apr-07 21:33:37

i use this stuff

spray it on after washing and just leave to dry, helps with the tangles and dd has been nit free since started using it

Dabbles Mon 02-Apr-07 21:44:40

Is hedrin any good? will it cause allergic reaction? both me and dd have eczema/dermatitis

babygrand Mon 02-Apr-07 21:49:04

Even if it aggravates your scalp, I would use the hedrin if you are talking about long curly hair - you'll never get a comb through it properly.

Surfermum Mon 02-Apr-07 21:55:53

I can tell you what I'd do based on 8 years of combing out dsd's lice - and I can comb out hundreds at a sitting (she doesn't live with us btw!).

With so few I really wouldn't bother with any lotions or potions. I'd just comb out with loads of conditioner every 3 days for the next couple of weeks. The nitty gritty comb is the business.

If dd picks them up from dsd and I find, say half a dozen in her hair, I can normally get rid of them after a couple of sessions (but I always keep going every 3 days for a fortnight to make sure).

I definitely wouldn't bother boil washing bedding and clothes.

It might be worth checking everyone in the family.

princesscc Mon 02-Apr-07 21:59:30

Dabbles - if you do dd's curly hair wet, with plenty of conditioner it wont hurt her. I agree with Surfermum too, you don't need potions, conditioner does the job.

Surfermum Mon 02-Apr-07 22:01:29

Oh and I put on conditioner, wash it out, comb it with an afro comb, then put more conditioner on and then do the nit comb. If I go straight to conditioner and nit comb I get protests!

princesscc Mon 02-Apr-07 22:02:45

Just a little yukky story for you.... friends dd kept getting them and she could not work out where from, she checked everyones heads in the family and anyone who came anywhere near her dd. Then she noticed that grandad, although he didn't have much hair DID have a beard! Guess where they were breeding! YUK! She kept sitting on his lap, having a little cuddle and they were coming off his beard!

Dabbles Mon 02-Apr-07 22:22:53

gross princess!

Dabbles Mon 02-Apr-07 22:38:00

gross, totally...

princesscc Mon 02-Apr-07 22:46:52

You can't get that image out of your mind now, can you! - Sorry!

Dabbles Mon 02-Apr-07 22:56:12

i am so toatlly now more so traumatised!

Was telling my sister abotuthe nit being cut in half and bleedign! and she felt sorry for it! said "isnt there a more humane way...?"

er, is it humane that its crawlign around my dd's hair??

princesscc Mon 02-Apr-07 23:08:07

You'll be fine - you'll just have to shave ya beard off won't you!! and I take it your sister has never encountered nits then! Give them to her and then ask her about being humane! KILL THE BUGGERS IN COLD BLOOD!!

Dabbles Mon 02-Apr-07 23:16:57

no she has on ds and h e has neva had em!
i am mortified, and freaking out... argghhhh.................................................................. 0 0 ----------------------------------------

princesscc Mon 02-Apr-07 23:27:04

Console yourself in the fact that nits like clean hair! Its all part of growing up, It's perfectly normal, by the time you've had them a couple more times, it'll just be one of those things. The first time is horrific though - I remember it well.

Dabbles Mon 02-Apr-07 23:28:02

but sigh! why do I have to get ehem??? haave nit combed for 2 hours and nothing, but i knwo the nbuggers ar ein my hair!!

princesscc Mon 02-Apr-07 23:28:34

Oh and sister can forget being smug because her ds has a nice short hair cut - one of my mindees had a number one all over and it was dead easy to pick them out of his head!!

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