Bedwetting 8 year old DS

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Headinthedrawer Thu 24-Aug-17 07:39:19

Has anyone tried the Rodgers bedwetting pants?DS 8 has been under the enurisis clinic but was discharged after desmo melts appeared to work.They have stopped working however and she has been wet every night for some weeks.There is now a 6 month waiting list to get another appt.We have done a year of bladder training...drinking a litre a day,going to the loo lots.Stops drinking at 6pm, Desmo at 7.30,bed at 8pm with a last wee.Still wakes up soaked.I think she wets in the morning once the desmo wears off
..she is a very deep sleeper.The NHS malem alarm went off whenever she sweated and didn't wake her up.We had another one but she hated the wires and again it didn't wake her up. She is so fed up and miserable ...any advice gratefully welcomed.

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OldPoyntz Thu 01-Feb-18 09:44:08

I can't really be of much help but my DS went through this and went on desmo too. I found he was still wet in the morning as they only work for 8 hours. In the end I used to wake him at 10pm to take the desmo & get him to have a wee at the same time. By taking the desmo later he was dry in the mornings.

I'm now going through it with my DD and she's just started on the body alarm this week.


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