7.5 month old still with...colic??

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Kiwa Mon 31-Jul-17 20:22:07

My 7.5 month old has had "colic" since she was 5 weeks old. She is and always has been breastfed. At 2 months I gave up eating dairy in case this was the cause. She continued to poo a lot, have often green, acidic or very yellow and mucusy poos and she is extremely windy. Her wind often wakes her in the night with discomfort. She has always thrived and gained weight very well. She is developmentally well. But she is often very manic, hyper, shouty and unsettled. She is really physical, she never stops moving and is already crawling. She resists her naps, and only naps for short times (often 30 min). I try to catch her nap times early and have tried everything to encourage and prolong them (white noise, routines, the lot).
She wakes 6+ times a night often in discomfort with wind. The only way that currently works to get her back to sleep is to feed her. So I then feel I am adding fuel to the windy gut fire. I am shattered as a result of being up so much at night, and having such a high maintenance baby by day. At 6 months I decided that it was not normal to still have such colic, so I took her to see a consultant who said she is definitely not lactose intolerant, definitely not allergic to any food I am eating, but possibly intolerant to something I am eating (hopefully temporarily). So I gave up eggs, oats, wheat and all gluten grains, corn (and still dairy) for 1 month. Now I am shattered and hungry and losing weight which I don't want to do!!! As a result she went down to 1-2 poos a day, and they looked much more "normal". She also became calmer by day and less windy at night. But the waking to night feed continued as frequently (habitual now...?). Over the past 2 weeks I have been one by one re-introducing the foods. And she has become gradually more unsettled again. The past 2 days I ate a bit of dairy, and her poos became 5 a day and green/yellow mucus again sometimes with white bits in. However, at 6 months I also started her on solids, doing baby led weaning, and following the "Which foods when" guide from "Well adjusted babies" (in case she was intolerant to something). So the past 2 days might have been coincidental, or something she ate (rather than what I ate), as could have been her unsettledness. It is such a minefield. I am so tired I feel like I am losing my mind, going round in circles. and I am scared to eat anything now in case it makes her unwell (and therefore more work for me) and paranoid about what I ate every time she becomes unwell. Am I nuts?! should I give up on any diet. Or should I stick to the non-dairy? Or should I give her some natural yoghurt and see what happens..to rule in/out dairy intolerance....
please help.
Any advice on getting more that 1/2/3 hours sleep in a row at night much appreciated too.

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Elland Sun 06-Aug-17 08:57:19

Oh I could have written this! The only difference with my DS is he is formula fed rather than breast. He's also 7.5 months old and I'm tearing my hair out at the yellow/green mucos poos numerous times a day! The wind over night is also exactly the same.

He has always struggled with his digestive system but since we've introduced him to more foods it's gone crazy! I've cut him back to just his milk and starting again to try and work out what is the cause. 48 hours after just having milk his poo was back to normal but as soon as I gave him some porridge it was upset and wet again.

I'm waiting on the GP to refer him to a paediatrician but who knows how long we'll have to wait. I just want my baby boy to be happy and content 😞.

Sorry I can't be of any help but I certainly can join you in the misery of a baby with food troubles.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sun 06-Aug-17 15:27:34

Has your DD been checked for tongue tie?

FlowerPowerMumma Thu 31-Oct-19 08:34:37

You have discribed my exact situation, the only difference we had was blood in the mucus poo also. It's heart breaking not knowing how to stop the pain and whether we are doing the right or wrong things.
I feel your frustration. We are currently waiting for an appointment with the pediatrician.
I hope you find an result soon x

FlowerPowerMumma Thu 31-Oct-19 08:37:01

So I have just seen the date on this post.
Maybe you can tell me how this story went? Did you find an answer? Did you get help? Would love to hear from those of you that suffered this issue and moved through it.
Many thanks x

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