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Why does DDs behaviour change so much at home?

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Three4two Mon 10-Jul-17 16:42:03

10 year old DD is an angel at school. She's never been in trouble, her behaviour is perfect. She even won class prize this year, which tends to be given for behaviour, attitude to learning etc.

However the minute she walks through our door she goes out of her way to upset her sisters and cause an argument. She constantly shouts and screams, won't listen to reasoning and is generally unpleasant to all of us. Weekends are generally ruined by her bad attitude.

I don't think there is a problem at school. She is one of the quiet ones with a couple of close friends rather than being in the popular bunch but seems ok with this.

DH says it's starting to make him feel ill and I'm going the same way.
Any ideas?

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