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3 year old non-compliance

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leaveitaloneforgodssake Sun 02-Jul-17 17:47:46

DS2 has been a decidedly non-compliant child for as long as I an remember. He is now just three and is in constant trouble at nursery for doing various naughty things and generally not doing a thing he's asked. He is similar at home but we tend to just work round his refusal to do anything he doesn't feel like (e.g. by just clearing up his toys ourselves, physically putting him in his clothes, removing from his grip something he's not supposed to have etc.) or nothing would ever get done. He is also still not toilet trained although we've been working on it for nearly a year. Otherwise he is a sweet affectionate imaginative boy and can be great fun.

I am worried now as he is due to start school in the autumn (we're not in the UK) - only kindergarten but a higher standard of behaviour will be expected than he is currently capable of -plus he also needs to be able to use the toilet more or less independently. I do need him to go to school because I currently get free childcare for him but that will stop once he's of school age; the finances don't work if he has to just stay at nursery into the autumn with us paying for it. What can I do to turn him around over the summer?

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