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Bullying -6 year old

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user1465146157 Sun 02-Jul-17 00:58:11

I've just heard that my nephew is being bullied at school and he's only 6.

He was told to lick a bin or get punched? How do other 6 year olds think like this?

Apparently he seems ok but it's made me feel so bad - the school haven't helped much. He doesn't have a constant father /male figure in his life, not saying that means anything but sometimes wonder if he could open up more to a guy rather than his mum and aunties? I don't know...

Also wonder how we can get him to stick up for himself and still be a good kid...

Any suggestions on how we can make things better for him?

I'm not too involved in his school life but if there's tips on how to talk to him or make him feel better please let me know


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