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sudden change at 12 weeks!

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ashleexex Wed 28-Jun-17 07:45:10

my 12 week old used to be amazing at night. he has Colic which usually starts around 7:30 but only lasts until 8:30-9 by which time he's in the bath which he loves. once bathed we bring him into our room with the lights completely off and he has his last formula bottle. He's had tommee Tippee bottles since birth but recently I've been given suggestions to change as tommee Tippee can cause a lot of wind (apparently) ive changed him to MAM Anti Colic bottles which he takes absolutely fine.
Hes been to the Doctors who says he has Reflux which we've been given special milk for and he's been on for about a month.
Now we've been told he's struggling with passing poos and we've been advised to keep an eye on it but also do tummy massages and small mouthfuls of orange juice but could this change his routine of sleeping completely? He used to go from 8pm-4am then 4am to atleast 6-7am. now I'm lucky if he goes 2 hours all through the night.
I thought sleeping would improve but it seems like we're going backwards and have now had 3 nights of almost no sleep! any suggestions or is it simply just a sore tummy and will hopefully improve as he gets better.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Thu 29-Jun-17 20:14:29

It's very unusual to be told to give a small baby orange juice. Who suggested this to you ash?

ashleexex Fri 30-Jun-17 07:33:03

my GP told my about half an oz of orange juice diluted down with fresh cooled boiled water will help with his bowl movements as he is struggling. 😮

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Fri 30-Jun-17 19:24:10

That's very unusual advice for a GP to give. Have they referred LO for testing or discussed the possibility of Cow's Milk Protein allergy?

ashleexex Sat 01-Jul-17 06:33:37

No they haven't, he's still on formula and until now we haven't had any problems if he was allergic wouldn't it show much earlier than 3 months

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