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Some suggestion for my daughter cousin

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user1498598748 Tue 27-Jun-17 23:00:12

I feel so embrassed to talk about incident. We live in my father in law house and pay rent. My brother in law divorced and be kicked out from his family home and he had three kids and come each fornight to live with my brother in law. He also lived downstairs with my parents in law. He had 8 .5 years daughter, one 6 years boy and 4 years boy. Because divorce, the kids behavior are not good. Especially boy and yelling a lot of f words and run around...

I used to let my daughter which 7 to play with his daghuter. One time, I found that this 8.5 years girl locker herself and my daughter sometimes in the room. Later night, I chat with my daughter and I found that there were a lot of purple sucking mark at her chest.....she told me that her counsin teached her how to mouth to mouth kiss and suck chest......I were nearly shocked and crying a lot after that. My daughter just 6.5 years old. From that time, I banned her to play with her counsin totally.
This 8.5 years old girl used to come a lot upsaitrs and had dinner with us and play a lot and like she was one of my daughter. She used to say a lot of lies and out down her mother. One time, she said to me that I am better than her mum blaaaa. I know that she just try to flatter me and it was not truth. So she was not used to the situation which I had her to come upstairs and play with my daughter. She used my brother in law phone to send dirty and swearing message to my phone and said " f... Di..". I couldn't believe how young the children can be so aggressive and learn so much out of age things.......

Now, She is not talking with her when she visit or stay over in my father in law home. I am not allowed my daughter play with her anymore. I don't know whether I did right thing. One part of me told me that she jut kid and she was going to very long pain of parents separation. I should be more understanding of her... another part of me can't accept things she did my daughter and it is over my limit and boundaries. She also send me swearing message and very hateful attitude....I think that her behavior over my limit and I choose cut relationship with her.

beautiebyqueenie Sat 01-Jul-17 23:09:19

Sorry to hear you're going through this ☹️ sounds horrible. But you're right to not allow your child to be involved...listen to your instincts!

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