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19 months stalling progress in speech

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gaelle79 Sun 25-Jun-17 12:50:36

Hi all,

the last time I counted, DD (dear daughter) had 20ish words she would use rather regularly. About 2 weeks ago, she learned 5 of these words in a very short period of time. I thought she was having her word explosion but since then, she didn't gained a single new word.

More worrisome, she is using those she had less often. She still use them when prompted so she didn't forget but she's more quiet overall.

Should I be worried about that or is that a normal thing to see in toddlers ?

She's also a late walker (started at 18 months) A month later, she only walks now (no more crawling) but still falls at least once every 10 mn. Her gait is also still a bit wide and she doesn't bend her knees very well (legs a bit stiff).

MessyBun247 Sun 25-Jun-17 13:26:39

Sometimes a slight temporary regression in development happens just before a major leap forward. Or maybe your DD is focusing on other skills right now?

tessiebear4 Sun 25-Jun-17 20:19:04

19 months is still very early to be worried about speech. Some children are talking by then but many aren't. They mainly get going around 2.

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