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Thoughts on ways I can discipline. 6yrOld

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BubbleGuppie Sat 24-Jun-17 13:20:41

I have a 6yr old, 1 year old and im 38 weeks pregnant. Also split with dad last year if that makes any difference to behavior.

I don't want to smack him so please don't suggest. I'm in a lot of pain with SPD and sciatica and baby is high risk and I'm getting induced on my due date.

The past few months my 6 year old has become impossible for me to handle. I used to do time out on the chair and take him back every time he got off until he had sat there 6 mins but he's way to heavy to pick up as he turns into a ragdoll and he now refuses to go there and he swings around and Im way to pregnant to do it. Which he knows!!

He goes off at stupid things. For example yesterday after school we went shopping and he was fine, i gave him abit of money and he brought loads of fruit and we was going to make a chocolate cake after dinner as he just got a award at school smile
Got home and he refused what I suggested for dinner (meatballs and pasta) and asked if he could eat his fruit instead as he wanted something cold, I said yes (was that the right thing to do?) He dropped a strawberry on the floor by accident and then had a complete meltdown baring in mind there was a hell of a lot left. He said "well I'm not eating any more so it will be a waste of money" threw the cream over the table, chair and carpet! I gave him a warning, asked him why he did it and he needs to help clean it up and he shouted at me "no we're going to make the cake now" I told him no that's not going to happen because of what he has done and he started hurting his 1yr old sister. Tripping her over so I tried to take him to his room for bed (almost 2 hours early) for him to then throw everything in sight and balls at his sister. Took me a while to get to him as I'm huge and baby is measuring 28weeks not 36 (at last scan) so I'm being careful he didn't hit my bump. I got him in his room and he shouted until he fell sleep.
What did I do wrong and how would you handle it?

Today he's woke up fine, I've done a nice breakfast and said we'll go park once we are dressed but then he's slowly lost his temper, his sisters been playing and he snatches the toy away, throwing balls at her again, tripping her over, shouting and poking her. I've took him to his room every time and we never went park, he's said sorry to his sister but then after 10mins starts again. Its only 1pm and his bedtime isn't till 7.30 and I'm already getting stressed. 1 min they're playing nice the next he's being mean. I asked him to bring his uniform in and he won't, tidy his toys that he threw and he wont. He just back chats back and shouts why. Even said he doesn't have to tidy his toys as he's a child not a adult!

He's currently in his room as I'm writing this because I don't know what to do. I have nothing else to take off him and he just throws his sisters things instead.

Nonameisok Sat 24-Jun-17 19:04:05

Bubble, this sounds a really tough situation for you all (mostly you). Sounds like you are doing everything right but your 6 yr old is reacting to the situation (separation with dad, new baby sis - only 1 and one on way). Can you ask for some support from family? I would also ask school as they can access emotional support for your son. Also Homestart may be able to give practical support. Feel for you. Sounds tough but make sure you are as consistent with your son as possible as he needs stability. flowers

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