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user1489434024 Fri 23-Jun-17 19:08:03

My child has been accused of bullying another. She's 2.

It's mostly in retaliation. With occasional unprovoked shove or hit.

It's the same few ones. They've all hurt her previously. Or lash out to defend their space which my child had a habit of getting into. Usually for a hug. Or kiss. So then it starts.

I won't tolerate it at all and do what I can to stop it. But can't help feel a bit put out that this incident is solely our fault.

When she hits and I'm with her, I remove her and firmly tell her no. It hurts. And apologise.

It doesn't seem to be working this way.

Anyone got any words of advice? And any on playgroup mother politics too 🙄 Been trying my best to avoid drama but seem to have landed myself right in it.

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