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4 months old baby refusing feed

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Mius Fri 23-Jun-17 05:14:55

My baby is 4 months old. Just last week he started to cry when he is getting fed. He would cry we thought he must be hungry then when we gave him the bottle he drank about 20mls then started to cry, pushing the bottle away. His milk intake is half of what he usually does. I spoke to HV they think it must be due to teething. Then when we at the doctors the next day, the doc had a look of his gum said it didn't look inflamed. I'm really puzzled now what's wrong with him. He is my only child so I'm not sure that's normal for a baby when his teething, giving him reduced appetite and cry when he is getting fed ect.

InDubiousBattle Fri 23-Jun-17 14:21:33

Refusing to feed is common among teething babies in my experience. My dd has always done this, every single tooth has involved a day or two of very reduced food, right up to now she's getting her molars. I'm surprised your gp said that about your babies gums because I think they can have some discomfort under the gums before there's anything to see. Does he have any other symptoms, temperature? Dribbling? How are his nappies?

bababeanaidan Fri 23-Jun-17 21:12:04

No other symptoms just agitated when comes to feeding time. Went to see another doctor today thought might be reflux. Prescribed gaviscon to try. Today's milk intake is only 500 odd. I know it's still early days but hope it will help :/

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