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10 month old spitting out food

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Boopboopboop Thu 22-Jun-17 12:21:44

10 month old dd is normally quite a good eater and has a mix of mashed spoon fed food and finger food she eats herself. She occasionally goes through short periods of only wanting to feed herself which is fine and then goes back to happily taking a spoon.

This week she has been turning her cup upside down and watching water pour out of it and spitting out everything that goes in her mouth- whether it's mashed food, little crisps she feeds her self, fruit, water.

Is this a phase? It's so frustrating as she must be hungry and the foods she would normally love she's biting off chunks and spitting out

YellowRoses6 Thu 22-Jun-17 22:27:45

My DS started doing that with his sippy cup around that age - I think it's just the fascination of watching the water pouring out. All a learning experience (or so I tell myself when I'm mopping it up!)
I wouldn't worry too much about the spitting food out, especially if she seems generally happy. They do seem to go through phases with eating, and I expect she'll get back to eating properly soon smile

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