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9 month sleep regression

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Lauralee14 Thu 22-Jun-17 02:02:38

Hi all,

Please help!

My baby is 9.5 months old and has been sleeping through fine, until 9 months. Her routine is:

Between 5.30-6.30 wake
7 bottle
9.30-10 nap for 1.5 - 2 hours
12 lunch
2.30 bottle
May sleep if out in the car but won't nap in cot
5pm dinner
6.30 bath
7pm bed

At the moment she's going down fine, but waking anywhere between midnight and 3, wide awake, standing up, crying. Happy when I pick her up but wide awake chatting for up to 4 hours!!!!!

I've ended up sleeping on the spare bed with her as so exhausted by the time she actually falls asleep!

Please tell me this will end?? Is there anything I can do to stop her waking?

I haven't been putting her down awake but always make sure I talk to her when putting her down at night, so that she knows it's bed time.....

Is she napping for too long during the day? Is she napping at the wrong time of day?

Any help much appreciated

Very tired mummy xxx

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