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Won't sleep in her bed😩😩😩😩 help!!!!

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Mumoftoddler2 Sun 18-Jun-17 02:39:44

My 2 year old daughter has been in her toddler bed (out of her cot) for 3 weeks now but she refuses to sleep in it. We have a good routine, we leave the room and she's straight up. Have had to put a gate on her door, she brings her pillow and duvet out if bed and sleeps up against the gate. We then move her into bed but at some point in the night she does it again. I can't just leave her there as her door is open so we struggle to move around the house without waking her. Tonight she went to bed as normal but we went out for dinner and my mum babysat, by 11pm she was up and on the floor so she heard us come in/upstairs so was up screaming. Can anyone help?! She's always slept so so well, seriously considering getting the travel cot out again!

susannaR Mon 19-Jun-17 14:10:25

Hi! My DD did this! We took the sides off her cot bed because basically I was sick of family/friends saying "oh she's still in a cot at 2!" "When u going to sort this" 😡 despite the fact she slept 12 hours straight every night perfectly happy...for some reason I took the sides off and she was up all the time! Wouldn't settle, crying, in/out bed all evening...often found her asleep on the floor leaning on bed, as if praying 😂 You know what sorted it? Sides back on cot bed!! She only went into her 'big girl bed'...a normal single with a side guard...when she was 3. The transition at 3 was perfect...never got out once and she's 3.5 now 😬

Onetedisbackinbed Mon 19-Jun-17 14:13:48

I'd put her back in the cot. Was there any reason you took her out. I took my dd out at 2 and it was too early and I paid for it. Took my ds out at 3 when I started having to fold him up to put him in it grin , that's been much better

Mumoftoddler2 Sun 02-Jul-17 20:17:34

She kept trying to climb out, each time I'd managed to see her and tell her off but was worried about her doing it in the middle of the night so took the sides off, she's is 2y 8m so felt it was a good time she's been in the bed for a month now so don't really want to go back to sides on. I think the issues we had with her getting up as soon as we transferred her were due to the temperature in her room, it was very hot in the warm weather so she wanted to be by the door where it's cooler. We are now in a 'routine' (if you can call if that!) where she will fall asleep on the floor (7pm) then I go in an hour later and move her to bed, most of the time she will stay there til at least 5am when she will go back to the floor but she doesn't normally cry til we wake up/make noise in the morning. I've put a ready bed down by the door so at least she's a bit more comfy but don't know if this is the right thing to do? I don't know anyone else's child who does this so would appreciate any advice!

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