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Talk to me about nappies at nighttime

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moleymoley Thu 15-Jun-17 23:05:39

DS1 is 5yo next month and still wears nappies at night. Doesn't bother him, or me, and I always thought it was a hormonal thing anyway and not something you can train or do before they're ready.
His nappies are still really heavy in the morning and he has a small amount of milk and then water during books/before teeth. I make him do a final wee last thing before his nappy goes on.

Anyway tonight he announced he didn't want I wear one so I said that's fine but you'll need to go to the loo in the night if you need a wee. He said he wanted to.

So I've put some clean sheets and pjs out and will see how it goes.

Is it likely he'll be dry though given that his nappies are still so heavy in the morning??

I just wondered if anyone had an experience of it being like this rather than dry mornings followed by nappy free nights?

willitbe Fri 16-Jun-17 12:15:14

One of my children did this at 4 and a half years old, overnight! Nappies were wet every night, little sister was dry and I was suggesting starting out of night nappies. He asked if he could have no nappy that night, I did as you are, went along with it, and I was shocked to find dry bed in the morning. Both children dry at night from that night onwards! So it can happen. Hope it works for you.

mjas Fri 16-Jun-17 20:32:17

How did it go moleymoley? My 4 year old sometimes asks to sleep without a nappy, but I don't dare, as his nappy is full every morning.

moleymoley Fri 16-Jun-17 22:23:11

He slept all the way through - and woke early in a cold wet puddle. Bed was drenched so I figured he'd been weeing all night long..? Or maybe just before he woke?

He was pretty grumpy all morning so I wonder if he was annoyed/confused about the fact he didn't make up and use the loo like he said he would?

Maybe I'm over thinking it.

Anyway, I suggested a nappy tonight and he said yes...

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