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5 year old started wetting Day and night

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Cupcakey Mon 12-Jun-17 19:31:32

As the title says my dd has been dry since around 3. For the last 3-4 weeks she has started wetting her knickers during the day and also at night twice last night. I've asked her if anything hurts, if anything is bothering her she says not. I've restricted her drinks towards the end of the evening and we've always done the try for a wee before bed but despite all this it's still happening. Only reason I can think of is I've been a little unwell as I'm 10 weeks preg so I've been less active than normal and been having to lie down a lot etc. We've not told her about the baby yet until the 12 week scan but I'm wondering if she's sensed a change?
I've been very patient but I'm finding myself feeling very cross now as I just dont know what to do.
Any advice/ experience would be much appreciated. hmm

Allthebestnamesareused Mon 12-Jun-17 19:51:36

My son used to have an enuresis issue when he was younger.

Tips are:

to avoid squashes and juices and just drink water.

Try to drink a litre of water before 1pm, still drink in the afternoon and then limit intake after 6pm.

When she wees is it pale? If not, she is actually not drinking enough and then the bladder dispels the too strong urine. If it is quite dark you need to up the intake.

Is she just getting too involved in what she is doing in the daytime and therefore forgets to go. If so, a prompt every now and then may help.

Cupcakey Tue 13-Jun-17 12:19:00

Thank you will try and have a good look at her wee colour. I've been prompting her to go to the toilet when she's with me but at school it's difficult. I've mentioned to the teacher so hopefully they will prompt her too.
I decided last night to wake her for wees once at midnight and once about 2. She was dry last as a result last night. So will try that each night.
I just feel really sorry for her because she gets upset at herself. x

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