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Any advice on chidren and chores?

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Henrysmycat Wed 07-Jun-17 10:58:27

Just that really. What age did you started to give chores to your kids? What do they do or did? What was a successful strategy for you? We tried star charts etc but nothing worked.
We have a 9yo DD who does absolutely nothing around the house. Granted we don't need to do any cleaning or gardening but she doesn't even follow herself around. Dirty socks every where, her room is a tip and I need to lose my temper for her to even pick her own clothes from the floor. I do feel like a failure as nothing worked. We tried removal of TV/tablet/pocket money privileges, star charts, chore charts, not much worked. We were consistent. She just doesn't care if she misses something or get an extra reward.
Am I asking too much? At her age, I did a lot more and was responsible for feeding myself and my siblings and running a home until my mother was back from work several hours later. I have no idea what should or shouldn't do to make it successful.

Kiwiinkits Sat 17-Jun-17 08:33:45

We do a marble jar so I was going to suggest that, but it looks like you've done all that.

Perhaps just have a roster on the fridge with 1 chore for each child for each weekday. No-one gets TV or ipad or screen time until their chore is done.

With the socks, I know a family who have a rule that if the kids find a sock on the floor they are allowed to rub it in the face of the child who left it on the floor!!

Otherwise, sometimes instead of saying "pick up your socks!!" it can help to just point at the socks and make a face and say, "socks, DD" (that's a tip from How to Talk So Kids Will Listen) and it works for husbands as well as kids. Because you don't sound bossy, you're just pointing out a fact.

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