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Sleep rolling baby is driving me insane

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Elland Tue 06-Jun-17 04:44:00

He's just to learnt roll back to front so is obviously practicing this all bloody night long. Problem is he can't roll back again and decides once he's on his front that he doesn't want to be anymore so whinges whinges until he's turned back only to flip himself over again instantly angry
I wouldn't mind but he can roll from tummy to back during the day but clearly thinks it's different at night. Even when he does stay on his front he is face planting the mattress so I'm bloody watching him thinking he's going to suffocate!

I wouldn't mind but this is the first night that we've got to this time without a bottle since he hit a 4 month sleep regression and he's now a couple of weeks away from the 6 month mark!

Is anyone else up with a baby that's driving them crazy?

Elland Tue 06-Jun-17 08:14:16

Wow I can tell I wrote this whilst I was shattered in the night 🙈 the lovely little roller is currently lying next to me on the sofa blowing bubbles and I'm a million times less stressed than I was in the night!

ashleexex Tue 06-Jun-17 19:56:20

oh gosh! have you maybe tried putting a roled blanket on either side of him to stop him being able to roll over? He sounds like he just wants to play grin

Good luck!

Elland Tue 06-Jun-17 22:18:16

Hi Ashlee

He grabs anything that's in his reach so that would be over is head in no time unfortunately 🙈 I'm just going to have to watch over him until he's grasped moving his head or rolling back in his cot! Here's to another long night 😴

Peopleplease Wed 07-Jun-17 20:23:43

Mine has just started doing this too - although she can't roll back by herself yet. I picked her up last night because I thought she was breathing funny.

Elland Thu 08-Jun-17 22:46:31

DS is insisting on sleeping on his tummy still, he's turning his head but I'm waking up in the night needing to check he's okay 🙈 It's typical, he's sleeping longer but I'm still waking up to check him, probably more than what I was before!

StephanieAteMyLunch Fri 09-Jun-17 14:38:32

I am assuming he is sleeping in a cot, you can still do the rolled up blanket thing but you put it under a flat sheet.

So the sheet would normally go top to bottom because it is a rectangle of material and it is longer than wider. Just turn the sheet so the long bit now goes side to side.

Tuck it under the mattress at one side, then lay it flat against the top of the mattress, then up over the rolled up blanket, flat against the mattress against (where your child will now sleep) then back up over another rolled up blanket, flat again then tuck it under the other side. This worked with a cotbed.

Don't pull the sheet tight over the blankets, you are not making a hammock grin

Elland Sat 10-Jun-17 12:06:15

Stephanie that's fantastic! Thank you, I'll do that tonight and see how he gets on grin

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