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6.5 yr old obsessed with exclusion of everything else

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Irritationcity Wed 31-May-17 19:45:13

Hi, son 'found' football about 4 months ago...he is now completely obsessed. It's almost all he wants to do, although never on his own, wants either me or husband to play with him. Or else joins in matches in park.

I support the passion, it's great he's active but it's so exclusive.
When he gets his screen/TV time, all he wants to watch is Match of the Day or FIFA game.

He's one of the brightest kids in the class, his reading, for example is ace, but he's completely disinterested in reading - unless it has a football in the story, but even then, unless the characters are playing on every page, he has no interest. And he's also so tired out from playing he has less headspace for reading.

I worry that he'll stop taking interest in anything else.

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