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Sleep clock recommendations

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feelingoldandtired Mon 29-May-17 10:05:07

We have a little boy aged 8 with Gdd and non verbal . His behaviour is around the toddler age . We struggle to get him to sleep but this has improved from
Ten on a night till now about eight half eight.

He wakes every morning at six and I would like this to change ti seven and are
Looking for any advice or any clock or anything else used...

Nicpem1982 Mon 29-May-17 10:10:40

We have used a gro clock with my dd and it's worked brilliantly it's visual stars for sleep time and sun for get up time

willitbe Mon 29-May-17 15:13:33

As an alternative to the gro clock , the kidsleep clock is great, as it in addition has a count down display to sleep and to wake, so if the child wakes just before the time to get up, there is an indication of how long before they can get up. It has a few extra features than the gro clock that I really found good.

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