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Allergy testing? Help please!

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UnicornBabies Sun 28-May-17 10:46:34

We're based in Hertfordshire and want to find out about allergy testing NHS or private-we're getting very desperate.

My daughter is 2y1m and was diagnosed with GORD as a baby. She was discharged at 23 months from ante-natal paediatrics and the dietician (CMPI). She vomits a lot. She was put back on omeprazole by the GP which has made her happier, but the vomiting continues.
She has always had a careful, reflux friendly diet (no processed food, carbonated drinks also) and she still vomits.

I now think she may have an allergy that has upset her gut, as she vomits no matter what. This has been going on daily for the last two weeks and intermittently for 8 weeks.
It's at the point where she is refluxing all day and I have to hold her in bed and get her up to vomit bile and water, as her tummy's empty.

My son is being tested for coeliac disease, crohn's and type 1 diabetes, so he's up at night screaming and doubled over in pain. We're broken from seeing them suffer and exhausted from lack of sleep.

Does anyone have any advice to offer please? I've tried eliminations (got nowhere previously when I suggested allergies), so I think I may have identified a couple of culprits.
How long does it take to get an NHS paediatric allergy referral? How much does private testing cost? Was it worth it? Can anyone recommend any clinic or consultants please?

Thank you in advance!

Kitty399 Sun 28-May-17 12:49:45

I sadly have no advice to offer you but my son is 5 months with a milk allergy so I really feel for you all, I hope someone can come along to give you some advice.
flowers good luck to you all.

MrsSunshine27 Tue 30-May-17 20:23:27

Have you had your lo checked for tongue tie?

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