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year 3 son

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GuessMyName4 Sun 28-May-17 09:20:03


I have made the choice of taking my son to have extra help with his english and maths (outside of school hours) they gave him a paper to do which was just so they had an idea what he can/ cant do and they gave him a year 1 level paper and i was told he needs help with a few things, he is currently in year 3 and his bday is the end of aug which means he is the youngest in his year, i have noticed when its time to do homework he starts getting angry and very frustrated which results in us taking 2 hours instead of 30 mins to complete this, does anyone know where i can get him re tested to see what reading level he is and also how far behind is in for the year that he is currently in

I have tried telling his teacher a couple of times my concerns but he is still getting help in maths and not english

any help will do

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