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She keeps pooing and weeing herself :(

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JamHam42 Sun 28-May-17 09:06:45

My daughter (4 in August) cannot got a week without pooing or wetting herself. She says they are accidents but the circumstances when she does it don't warrant that. For example she was sat in my room talking about clothes and said mummy I want rabbit dress. I said ok it's in your bed go get it. 5 minutes later I hear mummy I had a poo. I saw no signs of her jiggling or anything. It wasn't loose stool so it wasn't unexpected. Also she leaves it until the last minute at preschool because she doesn't want to leave a game or area. We all explained that the games, toys, friends will be there after the toilet and if you have to get changed it takes longer. Some have commented its attention but it can happen when we are mid way through playing or out. She goes to get something or I nip to the toilet and she has a poo. No shouting I need to go or she leaves it until last second and insisted someone go with her. I do go sometimes but say she need to go alone as at school no one can go with you.
Any ideas on why this is happening and how can we help her stop it
I should also mention that she is totally dry at night. Has been for 2 years and these only started happening about January/Feb time.

willitbe Mon 29-May-17 15:19:19

Do you regularly get her to sit on the toilet? . My son's paediatrician said that twice a day should be ok, so just after breakfast and just after evening meal, 20 mins after a meal is the best time apparently.

Sometimes constipation can be an issue too.

willitbe Mon 29-May-17 15:21:36

Sorry, I meant to add, that we were told that our lad was to sit on the toilet for 5 mins at that time, if nothing happened in 5 mins then to come off toilet then. If a poo happened before the 5 mins up, then then they could get off toilet afterwards, and not have to wait the full 5 mins.

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