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13 month old cant move much!

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user1495921360 Sat 27-May-17 22:58:10

Hi all,

My 13 month old daughter cant crawl or walk yet, she absolutely loves standing and will pull herself up with my assistance, she cant pull herself up otherwise! she cant talk, cant wave or clap, i have had the health visitor out on lots of occasions and been told she is absolutley fine but i cant stop worrying, she has very good dexterity and often plays with very small things, but i just dont know how to help her, we keep practising walking and stuff but she just isnt getting anything and my 3 year old was walking and talking at this point, the health visitor said my 3 year old is probably over shadowing her, she does like to sit on the floor playing and does seem to move across the rug but she does it so slowly i cant even tell until i realise she has moved across the rug, she is also an expert leaner, i keep putting toys out of reach and she does a nice big lean for them, i cant help but worry but does anyone else have a slow learner? should i be worried?? sad

GandTforme Mon 29-May-17 07:23:00

Sounds like your older child was early to walk and very early to talk and you are (understandably) comparing the 2 children. I wouldn't be overly concerned, I know several 12/13 month olds who are not crawling or walking yet, and none of them are talking!! If your HV isn't concerned, I wouldn't be.

willitbe Mon 29-May-17 15:26:07

When I had a 13 month old fosterchild arrive to me who could not crawl or walk, the physiotherapist adviced us to give as much tummy time as possible. Difficult as the 13month old does not like laying rather than sitting. But we worked on it, and by 15 months she had gone through crawling stages (physio gave us further advice as we went along) to running around.

I was told that some children are just a little more delayed in some areas, and 13 months is ok for not walking, but crawling should be encouraged rather than sitting for the correct muscle development apparently!

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