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My lovely DS suddenly teaching other school kids swear words-Help!

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beautiebyqueenie Sat 27-May-17 15:50:05

I got a phone call from DS form teacher yesterday saying DS (6 yo) has been teaching other children the middle finger in assembly. She said the head teacher had to tell him 3 times to stop. The most worrying thing for me is how out of character this is. He is such a kind natured child so polite and I am so shocked that this has happened. I'm really struggling with what punishment to give as it's such a horrible thing for him to be doing but so unlike him? He said he was told to do it by someone a year younger(!!). Any advice on how to make him learn and discipline him would be greatly appreciated! sad

Kleinzeit Sat 27-May-17 16:20:26

First of all, he's six and this kind of silliness is normal for six. In his mind it was funny and clever and he was sharing the joke with other kids. He might have no idea what it means. It needs dealing with but don't stress, he's not turning into a monster! Did the school ask you to punish him? They should do any punishments at the time (losing golden time, whatever they do.) Your emphasis should be on telling him that he got in trouble, explaining that some things are rude and he is not to do them, and if you catch him doing it at home then punish. And that he is certainly not to teach other children to do naughty things! Since he was encouraging other kids to do it you could do something tonight like no telly/computer games (pick something that suits you!), and then it's over and forgiven. flowers

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